Image of Dog Days - Bull Dog

Dog Days - Bull Dog


Dog Days - Bull Dog

From my friend Helma Bongenaar who made these wonderful little objects....

The story of making these statues began with my daughter Mies. She had a special request for her tenth birthday. She wanted to try to pull the table cloth underneath the tableware very quickly and see if it’s true that everything will stay in it’s place. I made the table with lots of old dishes, cups, egg cups, statues: all the way! We had breakfast and afterwards she had her moment! Of course it didn’t work but not everything was broken so we made the table again and she tried again! And yes, now everything was broken! In the mess I found arms and legs end heads of the statues and I couldn’t throw them away. I kept it for several years and suddenly I knew what to do with them; making new statues out of it!

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