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Me and McDuff


Me and McDuff

"Leslie Oschmann was at the height of her professional career in New York City Philadelphia working as a visuals director with a top lifestyle retailer, but despite her success in a creative industry she longed for more. She had two life-long wishes: to own a dog and to make things by hand, the way she used to as a child. Oschmann bravely cut her safety net and moved to Amsterdam, where soon after her arrival, she adopted a terrier named McDuff. In ME & McDUFF Oschmann shares their story through a collection of photo collages featuring McDuff in the starring role as they explored a new life together, side by side. Their adventures yielded not only a deep love for each other, but also a world of creativity and inspiration and a new career making art again. The result is an irresistible gift book for anyone who has ever suspected that a dog might be the answer to all of life’s important questions."

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